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Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Monday, September 5:  Online carrel applications for Olin Library are available in your student portfolio by clicking on the Honors Carrel Application link in the Library bucket. The Science Library has a separate assignment process using paper applications, which are available at the SciLi circulation desk.

Monday, September 19, 4:00 pm:  Deadline for submitting your application (both Olin electronic application and Science Library paper application).  Carrels will be assigned to applicants by lottery; applicants who are not assigned a carrel will be placed on a waiting list.  Applications submitted after the deadline are added to the end of the waiting list in the order they are received.

Thursday, September 22: Science Library carrel students will be notified via email or telephone of their carrel assignments.

Monday, September 26:  The list of Olin carrel assignments and the waiting list will be posted on the door of the Olin Library Office.

Monday, October 3, 3:00 pmOlin carrel keys must be picked up in the Library Office by this deadline.  If a carrel key is not picked up by then, the carrel will be issued to the next person on the waiting list.

Monday, October 3Science Library carrel keys will become available for pickup. Please see Linda Hurteau, behind the circulation desk in the Science Library.

Friday, October 7, 4:00 pm: Science Library carrel keys must be picked up by this deadline, or the carrel will be reassigned.

Please note: Because of number of carrels and applicants, it is not possible for students to choose a carrel or for students to switch carrels.  If a student is assigned a carrel and chooses not to accept it, their name will be added to the bottom of the waiting list and the student at the top of the list will be offered the carrel.

In order to retain a carrel, a student must remain on the list of Honors candidates.  The list is regularly re-issued throughout the academic year, and students with carrels who are not on the current Honors list will be required to vacate their carrel so it may be assigned to someone else.

Wireless has Changed!

Wireless access on campus has changed.  AirWes is offline and there is no longer unencrypted wireless available.  For your convenience, please take a moment to download or print the instructions you will need which can be found here:  http://www.wesleyan.edu/its/wireless/

HelpDesk staff will be available to assist you, but lines could become long.  Any preparation you can do in advance will help make the process smoother.

Note that you can connect to wesguest in order to access the instructions for wesstudent.  However, please note that wesguest has very limited bandwidth available for students and is not designed for regular student use.  You will be very frustrated if you try to use wesguest for normal use.  Please use the encrypted wesstudent network.

We are in the process of adding wireless access points to several dorms on campus, particularly where there will be an increased number of students.  Much of this work is being completed in the coming two weeks.

PC/Windows users are reminded to make sure your system is current with updates and patches to reduce downtime getting online.