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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Wesleyan University’s Pakistani Students’ Association has launched the “Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative,” to form an action team which will coordinate a number of fund-raisers throughout the year to help the victims of the deadly floods that hit Pakistan recently.

The Pakistan flood crisis began in late July when unusually heavy monsoon rains swept across the country. Currently 20% of the country is under water. About 1500 people have died as a result, and more than 21 million people are homeless. The United Nations has declared it to be the worst crisis to have ever occurred in the UN’s history. Red Cross has called it a massive crisis which has not received the massive support it needs. One flood worker said that the floods are the scale of the Tsunami, destruction of the Haiti and the complexity of the Middle East.

The aid required is huge but donations have been slow to come by. People in Pakistan are trying their best to help the flood victims, but Pakistan cannot overcome this crisis without help from other countries.

If you are interested in helping with the crisis, please join the Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative meeting on Sunday (September 19th) at 4pm at PAC001. During this meeting, ideas will be discussed for potential fund-raisers that will be held throughout the year to help the victims of the worst humanitarian crisis in decades.

Here is a link to a video that summarizes the current situation really well


For more information, please contact Ali Chaudhry (achaudhry@wesleyan.edu) or Zuleikha Hester (zhester@wesleyan.edu).

Wednesday, September 15, 11:30am – 1:15pm
Usdan Courtyard

  • Connect with the Middletown community
  • Volunteer and Work study opportunities
  • 25 local agencies and student groups will be there to share opportunities

Rain Site: Beckham Hall
Sponsored by the Center for Community Partnerships
Questions, contact Cathy Lechowicz (clechowicz@wesleyan.edu)

Can’t make the Fair? CCP will be at the Student Activities Fair on Friday.

Wednesday September 15, 11:30am – 1:15pm
Usdan Courtyard
Connect with the Middletown community
Volunteer and Work study opportunities
25 Local agencies and Student groups will be there to share opportunities
Rain Site: Beckham Hall
Sponsored by the Center for Community Partnerships
Questions, contact Cathy Lechowicz (clechowicz@wesleyan.edu)
Can’t make the Fair?  CCP will be at the Student Activities Fair

Wesleyan now offers an electronic transcript ordering service through the National Student Clearinghouse!

For information on this new service, please go to http://www.wesleyan.edu/registrar/transreq.html. This site provides all relevant information and instructions.

The online system that allows for credit/debit card payments, FedEx delivery, request status tracking and 24/7 service.

American Jewish History Course

History 210:  American Jewish History, 1492-2001  MW 2:40-4 p.m.

This course considers the successive waves of Jewish immigrants who have come to colonies in North America and the United States, how they and their descendants have fared, and their role in the larger society.  Among the issues we’ll look at are these: the reasons for migration; philo-Semitic and anti-Semitic of Gentiles; where Jews settled, why, and their role in the economy; the rise of Reform Judaism and the Orthodox response; cultural clashes between German and East European Jews;  participation in political movements, including socialism, Zionism, civil rights, feminism, and neo-conservatism; responses to Czarist Russia, the Balfour Declaration, Nazi Germany, and Israel; distinctive cultural contributions to genres ranging from music and novels to sports, comics, and film; and changing family and social practices.


Interested in Elementary Education? Want to work closely with teachers and students?

AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service at Macdonough Elementary School Info Session:

Tuesday, September 14, 7pm
Thursday, September 16, 4pm

Usdan 110

Only 8 spots available!

Applications & Info at: www.wesleyan.edu/ocs/americorps.htt
Due Friday September 17 by midnight
Questions, Contact Cathy Lechowicz (clechowicz@wesleyan.edu)

The Davison Health Center in conjunction with the Human Resources Department will sponsor our sixth annual flu clinic with dates in September and October.  This year the seasonal flu shot will include protection against H1N1.  You should still consider this vaccine even if you had an H1N1 shot last year for continued protection.

Please click on the following link for details about the upcoming clinics.  www.wesleyan.edu/healthservices/ofnote/flu04.html

As the semester begins we want to share with you information about the resources on campus to address sexual violence.  As you know, the University has a very clear policy prohibiting all forms of sexual misconduct and assault:  http://www.wesleyan.edu/studenthandbook/3_sexual_misconduct.html.  Every member of the community is expected to know and follow the policy.  As a community there are several things we can do to reduce the likelihood that members of our community will experience the trauma of an assault.  While the responsibility for any sexual misconduct lies with the perpetrator, there are many actions people can take to reduce the risk becoming a victim:

  • Set your own sexual boundaries and communicate them clearly to a potential sexual partner before becoming intimate.
  • Notice your fears and act on them. Your instincts are usually right.
  • Look for signs of a lack of respect. If someone does not respect your personal space or your wishes, it is possible they won’t respect you in a sexual situation either.
  • Be especially cautious in a new environment with unfamiliar people. This applies whether you are on campus, off campus or traveling. Avoid going to isolated rooms or areas with someone you do not know well.
  • Never leave a party or gathering with someone you don’t know well, and don’t accept a ride from a stranger.
  • Attend social gatherings with friends and leave with them. Make a plan for the evening and stick to it to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Watch your alcohol and other drug use. Studies of rape indicate that up to 75 percent of victims were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time of the assault, often provided by the assailant. For the same reasons that it is important to remain sober to control a car, it is equally important to stay sober in order to maintain control of your judgment and be able to legally give consent.

While we hope that we can reduce the number of assaults on campus, we want to be sure that if an assault occurs you know what resources are available across campus.  Nearly a dozen professional staff on campus have received specialized training and form the Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART):  http://sexualviolence.blogs.wesleyan.edu/.  These staff can answer questions about what a student can expect if they file a report of an assault and they are fully aware of all of the counseling resources on and off campus.  If you have any questions about the SART trained staff, please contact Joyce Walter, Director of the Davison Health Center (jwalter@wesleyan.edu).  In addition to the staff on campus, the University has hired a Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) Intern who also can serve as a liaison for students seeking resources.  This year’s SART intern Eliza Gordon ’11 can be contacted at ejgordon@wesleyan.edu or you can visit her office in the Davison Health Center, 327 High Street – 2nd floor room 208. Please check out the sexual violence blog for the SART intern’s office hours.


Joyce Walter
Director of the Davison Health Center

Rick Culliton
Dean of Students

If you plan or want to work for the Office of Community Service this academic year, which includes: Green Street Arts Center, Traverse Square, WesESL, Wes Reads/Wes Math, Woodrow Wilson and more

You must attend one of the following sessions before beginning any work.   You will only get paid for work completed after: attending a session, filling out forms, and getting approved.

  • Tues 9/7 at noon, Usdan 110
  • Thurs 9/9 at 4pm, Usdan 108
  • Mon 9/13 at 6pm, Usdan 110
  • Tues 9/14 at noon, Usdan 108
  • Tues 9/14 at 8pm, Usdan 108
  • Thurs 9/16 at noon, Usdan 110
  • Mon 9/20 at 8pm, Usdan 108
  • Tues 9/21 at 1pm, Usdan 110
  • Thurs 9/23 at Noon, Usdan 110

Info and dates can also be found at www.wesleyan.edu/ocs/workstudy.htt

Need a Job?

Apply to the Red and Black Calling Society!

Red and Black Callers have potentially the highest paid job on campus, including a huge variety of bonuses/incentives/commission! Callers also get invited to special events on and off campus with trustees and prominent alumni.

  • Learn valuable fundraising experience for a non-profit
  • Help raise money to fund the many activities and projects happening on our campus!
  • Put your enthusiasm for Wes and love of people to use!
  • Be part of a competitive team that will contact parents and alumni
  • Practice crucial communication skills
  • Establish resume builders as you learn our brand-new software
  • Help alumni establish life-long relationships with Wes
  • Highly sought after job on campus, with very limited positions left!
  • Work-Study AND Non-Work-Study applicants are eligible


Come to one of the three Info Sessions:

  1. Sunday September 12, 2010 from 7 to 8pm in Usdan 108
  2. Monday September 13, 2010 from 8 to 9pm in Usdan 110
  3. Tuesday September 14, 2010 from 8 to 9pm in Usdan 110

**Resumes and cover letters are required as we will have many applicants. No expertise is necessary, but good oral communication is critical.

For further information, please contact Jeff Breau, Head Manager (jbreau@wesleyan.edu) or Dan Bloom, Program Director (djbloom@wesleyan.edu).

Don’t miss Wesleyan’s 16th Annual Study Abroad Fair!

Monday, September 13
Beckham Hall
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Whether you are a first year student, a sophomore deciding on a major, or a junior planning to study abroad next semester, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet representatives from over 140 study abroad programs, receive literature, and ask questions.

Find out all your options for study abroad!

Sponsored by the Office of International Studies

Are you still looking for a fourth credit? There are still seats available in this new history seminar:

History 319: Crisis, Creativity and Modernity in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933

Time: F, 1:10-4:00 pm
Bldg/room: PAC 136
Instructor: Prof. E. Grimmer-Solem

Born in defeat and national bankruptcy, beset by disastrous inflation, unemployment and frequent changes of government, and nearly toppled by coup attempts, the Weimar Republic (1918-33) produced some of the most influential and enduring examples of modernism. Whether in music, theater, film, painting, photography, design, or architecture, the Weimar years marked an extraordinary explosion of creativity. New ideas about sexuality, the body and the role of women were introduced, and new approaches were taken in philosophy and the sciences. Nevertheless, Weimar modernism was controversial and generated a backlash that forces on the political right exploited to ultimately bring down the republic. This advanced seminar explores these developments and seeks to understand them within their political, social and economic contexts to allow for a deeper understanding of Weimar culture and its place within the longer-term historical trajectory of Germany and Europe. This perspective allows for an appreciation of the important links between Weimar modernism and Imperial Germany, as well as an awareness of some of the important continuities between the Weimar and Nazi years. A detailed and critical understanding of Weimar German culture and society also allows for a nuanced understanding of the critical role they have played in shaping the contours of modernity worldwide.


Kaes, Anton, Martin Jay, and Edward Dimendberg, eds. The Weimar Republic Sourcebook. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1994. ISBN-13: 978-0520067752

Peukert, Detlev. The Weimar Republic, translated by Richard Deveson. New York: Hill and Wang, 1993. ISBN-13: 978-0809015566

Roth, Joseph. What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933, translated by Michael Hoffmann. New York: W.W. Norton, 2003. ISBN-13: 978-0393325829

Weitz, Eric D. Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007. ISBN-13: 978-0691140964

Here are some photos taken by Drew Hudson, taken during his first two weeks on study abroad in Amsterdam.

Drew in front of the famous I AMsterdam letters, located at the Museumplein, in the heart of downtown Amsterdam.

The Anne Frank house and Drew’s dorm building are on the left, in between the camera and the large church, known as Westerkerk. Anne Frank frequently wrote about the church’s clock tower, which she could see from her hiding spot, located a block from Drew’s room.

The famous bike garage at Centraal Station. This is just a small sampling of the millions and millions of the ubiquitous bikes around the city.

The offices of Public Safety and Residential Life would like to welcome back all continuing students.  We also want to take this opportunity to share some important information with you.

  • All students who have a car on campus must register their vehicle with Public Safety, and park only in designated student lots.  Public Safety will begin ticketing immediately. Parking rules and regulations remain in effect even when classes are not in session.
  • The RIDE route has been changed to better accommodate students.  Students will no longer need to transfer at the Exley Science Center. Go to the Transportation website for this and other updated information- http://www.wesleyan.edu/transportation/.
  • The Zip car program begins its second year – go to http://www.zipcar.com/wesleyan for more information.
  • Please remember to carry your keys with you at all times. Lockouts cost $10.00 and will be posted to student accounts.
  • Please remember to secure your residence at all times.   Even when in your space, make certain to utilize window locks and keep screens in place.  In the past, squirrels, bats and even a turkey have found their way into University buildings through open windows and doors.  In the event that an animal makes its way into your residence, please contact workorder at x.3400 during regular business hours or Public Safety at x.2345 evenings and weekends.  If you are missing a window screen, report it to workorder immediately.
  • The Campus Fire Safety department will soon begin conducting room safety inspections in all residential facilities. Please refer to http://www.wesleyan.edu/firesafety for fire safety guidelines.

In closing, we want to remind you to

  • lock your doors and windows
  • not leave your keys in your door
  • not leave your possessions unattended or unsecured, and
  • report suspicious persons or activities to Public Safety immediately at 685-2345 or 685-3333.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our community safe.  Have a great semester!

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