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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

At the end of the spring term, Wesleyan’s Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Committee and Code of Non-Academic Conduct (CNAC) Review Committee forwarded proposals to me that the University’s AOD policies be amended to prohibit the misuse of prescription drugs and to prohibit open containers of alcohol on University property.  I am writing to notify you that these policy changes will become effective for the upcoming fall term.

The misuse of prescription drugs, whether for recreational purposes or to enhance academic performance, has become a major problem nationally.  Students have increasingly expressed concern about this issue, and Wesleyan’s AOD policy will now specifically prohibit the misuse or abuse of any prescription medication.

Wesleyan policy also will prohibit open containers of alcohol on University property beginning this fall.  This change brings our policy more in line with our peers, and should help us address problems associated with transient public drinking, clarify expectations for alcohol use on University property, and resolve discrepancies between University policy and existing City ordinances.  The new policy will not prevent students of legal age from responsibly consuming alcohol in their residences (or in the backyards of senior houses); nor will it apply to registered events, such as University-sponsored activities, approved student parties, Spring Fling, etc.  At the suggestion of some of the student leaders with whom I’ve consulted, members of the Wesleyan community who are of legal age will be permitted to responsibly consume alcohol on Foss Hill during daylight hours.

The faculty and staff members involved in these lengthy discussions are unanimously in support of these policy changes, while most students instead support greater educational efforts.  I believe that these policy changes together with more robust educational interventions will be helpful in reducing illegal and unsafe AOD use on our campus.

I am grateful for the efforts of the students, faculty and staff who served on these important committees, and look forward to continuing to work with them to address these issues in the coming year.

Best wishes for a restful summer,

Dean Mike

2010-11 Meal Plans

It’s time to start thinking about the meal plan option that you would like to select for the upcoming academic year. As always, Bon Appétit will be expanding upon its offerings to better serve the needs of the students; they continue to improve upon overall student satisfaction (83%!) each year since they arrived at Wesleyan.

Sophomores will be able to go to their portfolio and choose from one of four block plans or a fifth plan(Block 105/$705 points per semester) that is only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The other plan is an All Declining Balance Plan which is only available to juniors and seniors. Meal plan costs are included in the Residential Comprehensive Fee except for the additional cost of the Block 285 meal plan.

For the coming year, Bon Appétit will be updating menu selections and adding a Halal component to the marketplace options; as part of the Late Night program in Usdan new menu options will be available there as well. In addition, the EcoToGo program continues and is now available at lunch and dinner in Summerfield’s and during lunch in Usdan. Also continuing are the guest meals put in to place in 2009-2010 – each block includes four meals which can be used as guest meals. This is automatically built into each block plan but if you choose not to use them as guest meals you may use them as a regular meal over the course of the semester.

Here is a summary of the meal plan information for 2010-2011:

Block 210 MEALS/$104 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 14 meals per week)
Block 165 MEALS/$286 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 11 meals per week)
Block 135 MEALS/$496 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 9 meals per week)
*Block 285 MEALS/$52 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 19 meals per week)
*Additional cost of $300 per semester

The following plan is only available to sophomores, juniors or seniors:

Block 105 MEALS/$705 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 7 meals per week)

The following plan is only available to juniors and seniors:


Please make your meal plan selection in your electronic portfolio by August 1.