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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Waste Not is Wesleyan’s student-organized collection of unwanted items at the end of the Spring semester. Don’t throw away your stuff at the end of the year, give it a new home!

In the fall 2010, we’ll have a huge tag sale in an effort to keep our stuff in circulation and out of the dumpster. Money from the sale and leftover items will go to charity. All food and laundry detergent is also donated to charity!

How to help!

If you live in a residence hall: Look out for the taped off “Waste Not Collection Zones” on your dorm’s entrance or a stairwell landing. You can leave any items there or, if your item is too large, give the Waste Not Coordinators a call or email and we will pick it up for you!

If you live in a program house: Let your house manager know you want to participate in Waste Not and/or send a quick email out to wesustainability@wesleyan.edu. We’re taping off collection zones in any houses that want to participate! You can leave any unwanted items there and they will be collected by volunteers later in the week!

If you live in a senior wood frame: To let us know when your items are ready to donate to Waste Not, just put an official Waste Not hanger on your door (you should have received this over the weekend). All the necessary information is on this hanger. During senior week we will be coming around to pick up items from the wood frames.

You can also drop off items directly at the Waste Not collection center in Zion Church, a few doors down from Neon Deli and across from the Freeman Athletic Center, starting Saturday, May 15th!

Please call the sustainability interns if you have any questions at all:

Jannie Trelogan 202.258.2276
Cella Jones 914.787.0081

or email us at wesustainability@wesleyan.edu

Items you can donate:

  • clothing
  • furniture
  • chests of drawers
  • shelves
  • refrigerators
  • microwaves
  • rugs
  • lamps
  • electronics
  • printers
  • alarm clocks
  • phones
  • textbooks
  • course packs
  • books for classes
  • other books
  • posters
  • dorm decorations in general
  • bedding
  • dishes/kitchen ware
  • hangers
  • mirrors
  • food (will be donated upon collection in the Spring)
  • cleaning supplies
  • laundry detergent (also will be donated)
  • brooms
  • household chemicals

WesStation will forward mail between May 24th and August 21st. Mail which accumulates between your departure and May 24th will be forwarded at that time.

For those of you who will be spending the summer at your permanent home address do nothing, your mail will automatically be forwarded to that location.

If you are remaining on campus and would like to receive mail at your WesBox, please notify WesStation by sending an email with your name and box number to: wessta@wesleyan.edu. You must also indicate this in your portfolio by following the directions below.

If you would like your mail forwarded to a different location or if you are remaining on campus please follow these directions:

  • Log into your student eportfolio. Click on “WesStation Forward” in the Tools & Links bucket.
  • If you are remaining on campus click the button next to “Set your forwarding address to your WesPO”.
  • If entering a forwarding address, make sure to enter all required fields and hit the submit button to activate.
  • You will have the option to delete or edit this address at any time.

By going back into WesStation Forward you can totally delete this address by clicking on the delete button (your mail would then be forwarded to your permanent home address). Or you can edit the forwarding address to enter a new one, or you can click on the button to have your mail directed to your WesBox.

Please call Wes Station at x3900 with any concerns or questions.

Congratulations to Kennedy Odede ‘12 and Ari Tolman ‘10, representing Shining Hope for Communities – an organization founded by Odede and Jess Posner ‘09— for having just won the 2010 Dell Social Innovation Competition! Shining Hope works to alleviate poverty and gender inequality in Kenya’s Kibera slum.  The Dell Social Innovation Competition received over 800 entries this year from all over the world. Shining Hope won the overall competition and the People’s Choice Award.

Congratulations to the following members of the Class of 2012 who are among this year’s recipients of Academic Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes:

Blankenagel Prize

Income from the John C. Blankenagel Fund, established in 1970, awarded at the discretion of the Department of German studies to enrich educational offerings in the area of humanistic studies, or to assist a superior student in completing a project in German studies.

Matthew Alexander 2012
Katherine Wolf 2012

Bruner Freshman Improvement Prize

The gift of William Evans Bruner, Class of 1888, to the student whose second-semester first-year record shows the greatest relative improvement over that of the first semester.

Elaine Chan 2012

Condil Award

Given in memory of Caroline Condil, Class of 1992, and is awarded to a worthy East Asian Studies major, preferably a sophomore or junior, for study in China.

Marjorie Rivera 2012

Herbert Lee Connelly Prize

Given in 1980 by Mabel Wells Connelly in the name of her husband, member of the Class of 1909, and alumni secretary, 1924-56. Supplemented by friends, relatives, and sons Hugh Wells and Theodore Sample, Class of 1948, the fund provides income to be awarded annually to a deserving undergraduate who demonstrates an interest in English literature and an unusual ability in nonfiction writing.

Amanda Schwartz 2012

Susan Frazer Prize

Awarded annually to the student (or students) who has done the most distinguished work in the elementary and intermediate French language sequence.

Emma Paine 2012

James T. Gutmann Field Studies Scholarship

Established in 2007 by Lisette Cooper �81, to honor her former professor and mentor, Prof. James T. Gutmann. Awarded to an especially promising major in Earth & Environmental Sciences to support geologic field research expected to lead to a senior honors thesis.

Rebecca Snelling 2012

Peter Morgenstern-Clarren Social Justice Award

Awarded to a sophomore or junior with a demonstrated commitment to social justice issues.

Allegra Stout 2012

Olin Fellowship

Founded in 1854 by the wife of Stephen Olin, president, 1839-41 and 1842-51. Later increased by gifts of their son, Stephen Henry Olin, Class of 1866 and acting president, 1922-23, and his wife, Emeline. Awarded in recognition of achievement in English. The fellowship supports supervised work in English outside of the Wesleyan course structure.

Patrick Cline 2012
Kennedy Odede 2012
Jared Radin 2012
Andrew Zingg 2012

Parker Prize

Established in 1870 by the Reverend John Parker, Trustee 1859-71. Awarded to a sophomore or junior who excels in public speaking.

Ali Chaudhry 2012

Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award

Established in 1986 by John Plukas, Class of 1966, this prize is awarded for excellent service to the Economics Department as a teaching apprentice.

Mitchell Belkin, 2012
Jack Hoskins, 2012
Kwan Yeung (Brian) Lau, 2012
Eunju Rho, 2012
Mathew Stinson, 2012
Margaret Vasu, 2012
David Wei, 2012

Reed Prize

Established in 1968 by Leon Reed and his sons, S. Chadwick, Class of 1941, and Dr. Victor Reed, in memory of Mrs. Sophie Reed, for the best poem or group of poems.

Corey Dethier 2012
Leia Jane Zidel 2012

Robertson Prize

Awarded for excellence in mathematics to a sophomore.

Kwan Yeung (Brian) Lau 2012
Zin Lin 2012
Julia Thomsen 2012

Siver Scholarship

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Siver in memory of their son Roger Brooks Siver, who graduated from Wesleyan in 1968. Awarded to undergraduate students majoring in or demonstrating strong academic interest in physics.

Syed Mohommad Kumail Akbar 2012
David Amrhein 2012
Thomas Kuntz 2012
Prashant Mukhopadhyay 2012
Nicholas Rotile 2012
Garrett Ruggieri 2011

Social Activist Award

Awarded to the individual or student group that best exemplifies the spirit of social activism and through his/her/their efforts, constructive social change ensued.

Joshua Levine 2012

Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize―Music

Established in 1981 by a gift from Mrs. Tishler. Expanded in 1989 for excellence in piano performance. Two prizes are given annually: one for Western classical piano performance and the other for jazz piano performance.

Fumi Tanakadate 2012

After a successful April registration period, we are pleased to confirm the courses below for the new Wesleyan Summer Session. Students may continue to register until May 31, although courses and housing may fill before then.

2010 Wesleyan Summer Session
June 7 – July 9, 2010
Final Course List

  • ARST 453 Digital Photography I // Sasha Rudensky
  • ECON 110 Introduction to Economic Theory // Richard Adelstein
  • ECON 300 Quantitative Methods in Economics // Joyce Jacobsen
  • ENGL 290 Place, Character and Design // Anne Greene
  • GOVT 155 International Politics // Giulio Gallarotti
  • GOVT 311 United States Foreign Policy // Douglas Foyle
  • LANG 190 American Sign Language I // Sheila Mullen
  • MATH 121 Calculus 1, part 1 // Daniel Bravo
  • MUSC 114 Chinese Music and Theater // Po-wei Weng
  • PHIL 214 Justice and Reason // Joseph Rouse
  • GOVT 201/NS&B 280/PSYC 280/QAC 201/SOC 257 Applied Data Analysis // Joyce Jacobsen
  • SOC 151 Introductory Sociology // Jonathan Cutler

Thematic Institute: Computer Programming and Computer Music

  • COMP 112 Introduction to Programming // James Lipton
  • MUSC 220 Composing, Performing, & Listening to Experimental Music // Ronald Kuivila

Thematic Institute: Pathologies of the Mind

  • PSYC 247 Neuroscience Perspectives on Psychopathologies // Matthew Kurtz
  • PSYC 274 Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Psychological Disorders // Jill Morawski

Courses are available at roughly half the usual tuition rate and offer a low student/faculty ratio. Unlike other summer programs, you can apply the graded classes to your GPA (your dean can best advise you about taking courses pass/fail or for credit).

Courses meet 5 days a week. Course information is online here: http://www.wesleyan.edu/summer/courses.html

There is also a special Wesleyan Summer Session Wesmaps link in your EPortfolio. Current enrollments are not yet reflected in the “Seats Available” number in each course description. The registration form is available on the Summer Session website and in your EPortfolio. Please download the form, complete it, including all necessary approval signatures, and submit the form and tuition payment to the Summer Session office at 284 High Street. If you have any questions, please call our offices at (860) 685-2900 or send email to summer@wesleyan.edu.