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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

The Science Library will be closed this Saturday, January 16 because of the scheduled power shutdown in the Exley Science Center. You will still be able to access most of the library’s electronic resources from off-campus. Just search for a resource using the Indexes or Journals tab on the library’s home page, then click on the link. A login page will appear. Enter your Wesleyan username and password to get to the resource.

Good news! If you missed the pre-registration deadline for the advanced creative writing workshops (ENGL 326, 337, and 342), please note that there is now a second deadline: January 18, 2010, the Monday before the semester begins.

To apply for these courses, please submit 5 pages of your writing (in prose or poetry, depending on the course to which you are applying) along with a cover page that includes the following information: 1) your name, email address, year in school, major (if any), some of your favorite writers and any other influences, and 2) a short biographical paragraph describing your history and/or interest in writing.

Please submit these materials electronically in a single attachment to the professor who is teaching the course (see below) by 10 a.m. on Monday, January 18, 2010. Please use either Microsoft Word or rich-text-format for your attachment.

You may take one of these workshops along with either Hilton Als’s “James Baldwin in Black and White” or Paul La Farge’s “Space and Place in Fiction”; however, you may not take two courses designated as “advanced workshops” (ENG 326, 337, or 342) concurrently. If you are applying to more than one of these courses, please include the ranking of your request on your submission.

This information will also be available on the WesMaps pages for these courses.

  • Want to make Wes greener?
  • Want some extra cash?
  • Want to help solve the University’s budget crisis?
  • Want to have your voice heard by the administration?

Then submit to the Wesleyan Energy Conservation Showdown––the ECS-Prize. If you’ve ever had an idea to make Wesleyan more sustainable, but didn’t know how to be heard by the Administration or Physical Plant, this is your chance to affect real environmental change––and get paid to do it.

Prizes are $600 for the winning group entry, and $200 for two more runners-up groups. These entries, and any other “honorable mentions” will be collected into a document and sent directly to President Roth’s desk.

We are asking for submissions of at least 3 pages on how to conserve resources and money at Wesleyan. Students are encouraged to work in teams of 2 to 3 members to divide work, but you can work individually or in larger groups if you want.

Entries will be judged on how much natural resources the idea saves, and how much money the University will save because of that conservation. “Resources” can be utilities such as heat, water, and electricity but can include other things as well––for example, if the University is spending money on an environmentally harmful product, and students can find a cheaper, environmentally-friendly alternative, then that idea would be considered successful.

The rules are online at the WSA’s website: wsa.wesleyan.edu/committees/finance-and-facilities-committee/ecs-prize. All questions can be directed to bfirke@wesleyan.edu, or wesecsprize@gmail.com. Information about Wesleyan’s utilities will be posted soon, so any research will be a little easier.

The deadline is March 1st, 2010.

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