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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Award-winning journalist Amy Goodman, host of the daily, grassroots, global, radio/TV news hour Democracy Now! brings her national Standing Up to The Madness book tour with journalist and brother David Goodman, to Wesleyan in Support of WESU’s 70th anniversary this Saturday, April 4th. At 6:00 p.m. there will be a $100 “High Donor” reception in the Zelnick Pavilion. “High Donors” will meet Amy and David Goodman, received a signed copy of the book, and enjoy reserved seating at the main event in the Memorial Chapel. The lecture will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Memorial Chapel. General admission tickets are $5/students and $10/nonstudents.

Safety Precautions

The Offices of Public Safety and Residential Life would like to remind all students of the following safety precautions:

  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Keep security screens closed and locked
  • Don’t leave your keys in your door
  • Don’t let strangers into your building or residence
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your vehicle

Sally is a frosh, and is thoroughly enjoying life at Wesleyan.  She developed some good friendships early on and is finding her classes to be mostly engaging and challenging.  The stress gets a bit high at times, but overall she’s managing to keep a balance between social life and academics.

All is well, except for one worrisome problem-eating.  Recently food and meals seem to have become a major source of stress and anxiety for her.   It all began when her clothes started feeling tighter, and she realized she had gained a few pounds since her arrival on campus-not surprising, given the vast array of choices at Usdan and the “all you can eat” arrangement.  Also, meals were a relaxed social time with friends, so it was easy to linger, maybe go back for seconds or dessert.

Worry about the weight gain led to skipping meals sometimes.  Then, hungry in the evening, Sally would find herself bingeing on junk food in the dorm, or heading over to Wes Shop for snack food.  Feeling bad about herself, and physically uncomfortable, she’d vow to restrict her eating the next day.  The following morning, she was determined to “stay in control,” and would feel upset and guilty if she “broke her plan” to restrict.  As time went on, she was experiencing more and more preoccupation and anxiety around meals, and less enjoyment of them.  It was beginning to feel like a never-ending vicious cycle:  restricting, bingeing, guilt, and worrying.  Sally was embarrassed by this dilemma and didn’t let on to her friends that anything was wrong.

What to do?  As determined as Sally is each day to “eat right,” she feels unable to extricate herself from this pattern.  She knows about eating disorders-one of her high school friends was anorexic-but she doubts that this qualifies as an actual eating disorder.  She looks fine; no one has guessed anything is wrong.  Is this even a “real problem”?  It seems ridiculous to her that she can’t simply stop the bingeing!

Sally, it’s time to get some help with this!  You want to figure out what’s going on here.   Is this just a negative habit you’ve fallen into?  A consequence of other stresses or anxieties?  Are there underlying issues or concerns, such as body image or perfectionistic standards?  Is your sense of self-worth not as solid as you’d like it to be?

And, more importantly, you want to figure out what to do about it.

Help is a phone call away.  Don’t delay.  Call OBHS to set up a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns with an experienced professional.  We can help you understand what this self-defeating pattern is all about–what’s fueling it and how you can begin to break out of it.  You could use support, and OBHS is here to help provide it.

Call 685-2910 for all services offered by OBHS.

Filmmaker, eco-activist, and reality-TV survivor Shalini Kantayya, from 7th Empire Media, presents her film A Drop Of Life during this year’s Wesleyan University Earth Day Celebration.

Shalini Kantayya appeared on the television reality show On the Lot, created by Steven Spielberg to find Hollywood’s next great director. Out of more than 12,000 filmmakers, she was the only woman to finish in the top ten.

Her production company, 7th Empire Media, is committed to using media to give a powerful voice to the unheard. Her film, A Drop Of Life, a futuristic sci-fi flick about the mounting global water crisis, has been used by The African Water Network, as an organizing tool in more than 40 villages across Africa.

Set in the near future, A Drop Of Life is the story of two women, a village teacher in rural India and an African American corporate executive, whose disparate lives intersect when they are both confronted with lack of access to clean drinking water.

Join us for our annual Earth Day Celebration at Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts Cinema on Wednesday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m.   This filming is free and open to the general public, with a reception immediately following.

The Earth Day Celebration is sponsored by The Robert Schumann Lecture Series for the Environmental Studies Program at Wesleyan University, in collaboration with Feet to the Fire: Exploring Global Climate Change from Science to Art and the Environmental Organizer’s Network (EON).

For more information, please contact Valerie Marinelli at vmarinelli@wesleyan.edu or (860) 685-3733.

Want to help the CRC build WesSID, the new Wesleyan Student Internship Database?  Want to win an iTunes card worth $50?  If so, read on —

WesSID will be a continually growing online database of experiences –internships, fellowship programs, volunteer work, and summer/part-time jobs — held previously by Wes students.  Over time, it will be a powerful source of leads exclusively for Wes students looking for their next great experience.

To launch WesSID, we need your experience ASAP!  If you submit an experience into the database by Friday, April 17, you will be eligible to win one of two $50 iTunes cards.

For details and the path to access the WesSID Entry Form, go to the CRC homepage http://www.wesleyan.edu/crc > Special Announcements > click on Wesleyan Student Internship Database.

On Friday May 1, 2009 there will be a Spoken Word Extravaganza/Open Mic held at 200 Church Street.  The event is inspired by a Spoken Word class offered at Wesleyan this spring, ENGL 290.

Half of this event is devoted to a “New Voices Open Mic.”  What do we mean by new voices?  New voices include persons with little or no spoken word experience.  All artists are welcome; we want to hear from you!

The other half is for more experienced slammers; we are putting out an open call for all of you who want to strut you stuff and show Wes the best you’ve got. Please e-mail Lily at lbushmancopp@wesleyan.edu if you’re interested in stepping up to the mic.   We hope to see you there!!!

The last day to withdraw from full-semester and fourth-quarter classes is Wednesday, April 15, at 5:00 p.m. Completed forms are due in the Registrar’s Office and must include the following signatures: instructor, faculty advisor, and class dean.

Melissa Marshall is a life-long disability rights activist and a part-time wheelchair user.  She started a disability rights group while at Hampshire College and was one of the first people in the country to major in disability studies. She wrote Getting It: Persuading Individuals and Organizations to Be More Comfortable with People with Disabilities, a book about her adventures as a disability awareness/ADA trainer. She will be talking about employment opportunities for people with disabilities. She will also discuss parenting, navigating UConn Law School and the 2008 Presidential Campaign from the perspective of a person with a disability. She will be leading an interactive dinner discussion and invites you to bring questions, thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday, March 31, at 6:30 p.m., in Usdan 110.  Free dinner from Haveli!

Tuition Transition Day this Friday

Tuition Transition Day 2009 will be celebrated again this year on Friday March 27th with cookies, music, balloons, and of course the usual Cardinal cheer! This celebration is held to build awareness among students of the support they receive from alumni, parents and friends through the Wesleyan Fund by marking the date when tuition money has been applied and alumni and parent donations kick in to support every student’s education. The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations and the Wesleyan Fund have organized an afternoon get-together with students, faculty, and alumni, and would love to see you there too!

Please mark your calendars for Tuition Transition Day celebrations, Friday, March 27, from 12:00 -1:00 p.m. on the 1st floor of Usdan.

The Social Justice Leadership Conference (SJLC) is a collaborative effort which provides a space for students, student groups, community members, alumni, faculty, and staff to discuss social justice and to learn and refine leadership skills. SJLC seeks to empower its participants to create change by applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the conference.

Students, student groups, alumni, community members, faculty and staff facilitate sessions in their area of interest or expertise. Sessions focus on leadership skills that may be applied to any social movement and on the many manifestations of injustice and how participants can be involved in creating change. SJLC provides participants with resources and opportunities for engagement on campus, in Middletown, in Connecticut and across the globe.

SJLC will take place this Saturday, March 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Free lunch will be provided.

Click here to register to attend.

Click here to see the day’s schedule. Sessions include but are not limited to:
-Planning Social Actions: The Down and Dirty Nitty Gritty Details of Social Movements
-Online Organizing: Using Email & the Internet to Build Movements & Create Change
-Food Justice, Community, & Growing Our Own
-Fueling Change: Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Vehicles and Home Heating

The 5th Annual Sexual Health Expo is this Friday!

Friday, March 27, 2009
12:00 to 5:00pm
Exley Science Center Lobby

Convened each year by WesWELL, the goal of the Sexual Health Expo to promote sexual health and responsibility and increase student knowledge of campus health resources. A variety of issues are addressed, including promoting healthy relationships, disease and pregnancy prevention, sexual violence prevention, current political issues related to sexual and reproductive rights, and more.

To reach that goal, we are offering:

  • Tabling & fund raisers with the WesWELL PHAs, FemNet, Clinic Escorts, ASHA, SGAC, HealthCAN, Sigma Lambda Upsilon, Health Services and Oh My! Sensuality Shoppe.
  • Workshops presented by the WesWELL PHAs, WesKink and Sign House.
  • And our first ever Sexual Health Art Show…you be the judge of Best in Show!!!

Bring $$$ for fund raisers, raffles and other purchases!

Click here for the complete schedule

The Course Pre-Registration process for Fall 2009 will begin Friday, April 3.

  • Planning:  Opens Friday, April 3, at 8:30 a.m. and closes Tuesday, April 14, at 5:00 p.m.
  • Scheduling:  Wednesday, April 15
  • Adjustment: Thursday, April 16, at 8:00 a.m. through Tuesday, April 21, at 5:00 p.m.

All students participating in April pre-registration are required to receive advisor plan finalization by 5:00 p.m. on April 14. Students must meet with their academic advisor to have their plan finalized. Unfinalized student plans will not be included in the scheduling program, which will run on Wednesday, April 15.

Students who have not confirmed their current course schedules are not eligible to participate in the Planning phase of pre-registration.  If you still need to confirm your course schedule, login to your e-portfolio and navigate to Current Classes & Schedule (EP > Student > Wesleyan Career > Current Classes & Schedule) and click on either the “Schedule is Correct” or “Schedule is NOT Correct” button. If you click on the “Schedule is NOT Correct” button, you will be provided with instructions on how to correct your schedule.

As a follow-up to his “Ripple of Change” presentation, Dr. Berkowitz will conduct a skill building workshop to provide an opportunity for members of the community to gain valuable skills for fostering health and social justice.  The workshop will provide a safe space where ideas for change can be shared and explored, and skills can be learned and practiced.

The workshop will teach strategies for responding to unwelcome remarks and health-risk behaviors.  Often we find ourselves in situations where someone else?s language or behavior makes us feel uncomfortable, yet we do not do anything to change it.  Most people are uncomfortable with prejudicial language about other groups, yet often we are silent.  Similarly, when someone we know is engaging in harmful behavior, we often want to say something but don’t.  Why don’t we act on our core values and ideals in these situations?  Are there specific challenges for Wes students who want to be “social justice allies”? This workshop will provide a critical analysis of bystander behavior and offer some skills for intervening in difficult situations.

Friday, March 27, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Usdan B25.

Light refreshments will be served.

How can we transform Wesleyan into a healthy and respectful community in which all individuals feel supported and appreciated?  In what ways may we unintentionally contribute to a lack of inclusiveness on campus?  And, is it difficult or easy to address social justice issues at Wes?  Understanding what it means to be a social justice ally can help answer these questions.

The Student Affairs Speaker series, in partnership with Student Activities and Leadership Development and WesWell, will be hosting Dr. Alan Berkowitz who will present recent research and theory on this topic with an emphasis on examining individuals who are passive bystanders and how those people can be encouraged to take an active leadership role in solving campus problems and intervening on behalf of other groups.  The discussion will include an overview of challenges facing Wes students who want to be active on this issue.

Dr. Berkowitz has over twenty years of experience in higher education as a trainer, psychologist, faculty member, and Counseling Center Director. At Hobart and William Smith Colleges he developed one of the first rape prevention programs for men, was co-director of the college’s highly regarded Men and Masculinity Program and chaired the Prejudice Reduction Task Force. More recently, he has been a central figure in the development of Social Norms Theory and is a leader in research and implementation of the model. His lecture and workshop topics include: changing campus culture, effective drug and sexual assault prevention strategies, reducing prejudice on campus, racial identity theory, multicultural issues in the classroom, alcohol and sexual assault, men’s responsibility for preventing sexual assault, developing alliances across differences, and understanding today’s students. His workshops are designed to increase the personal and professional effectiveness of faculty, staff, student leaders, athletes and coaches, health professionals, and community members.  For more information on Dr. Berkowitz, go to his website: http://www.alanberkowitz.com

Tuesday, March 24, 6:30 p.m., Daniel Family Commons.

Dr. Berkowitz’s talk will follow a buffet dinner served in the Daniel Family Commons at 6:30 p.m.  RSVPs are required to Karen Karpa at kkarpa@wesleyan.edu or x2775.

In keeping with the new Presidential initiative, Saint Clements Foundation (non-profit) invites you to attend the Saint Clements Castle Clean Energy Expo on March 21.

Help set the stage for the future by participating in this special clean energy expo focusing on alternative energy and conservation for your business and home.

Receive the latest information on clean energy from guest speakers including; the well known Architect, George Fellner from Fellner Associates Architects, who will speak on “Green Homes: Strategies for Sustainable Design”. Hear from the Clean Energy Task Force, P.A.C.E. and your local Portland and East Hampton Clean Energy Task Force to learn what’s being done in your community. Other speakers include Joe Swift, Residential Operations Supervisor from The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund/CL&P will speak on efficiency and conservation programs in Connecticut and Dell Smith from CES Consulting Engineering Services to speak about the latest technology in Geo Thermal design.

Visit and gather information from our vendors and visit with the folks from your community.

Admission is FREE

Saint Clements Castle
1931 Portland-Cobalt Road, Portland, CT

Saturday, March 21, 2009
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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