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Hannah Berkman sends us this photo of herself with some Wesleyan friends in the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Morocco.  From left to right: Hannah Berkman, Tess Minter, and Carolyn Mortell.

Wednesday, December 1, 4:30 – 6:00pm
PAC 002

Wesleyan World Wednesdays, Brighter Dawns, and the Water Awareness Project Nigeria presents two juniors will speak about their projects in their developing homeland and how you can participate:

There will be room for questions.

Elizabeth Cothern sends this picture from Accra, Ghana.  She writes:

“The photo was taken of me in Madina Market, only a short Tro-Tro (the local bus here) ride away from the international students hostel at the University of Ghana.  When I first visited Madina Market I was definitely overwhelmed – it was loud, hectic, and seemed to be exploding with people.  If I took a wrong turn I ended up in the produce section with aisle after aisle of every imaginable type of meat out for display.  As intimidating as it was at first, the market has become one of my favorite places in Accra.  I’m often visiting it once a week to pick up some groceries or buy notebooks for class.  They truly sell everything. “

Raghu Appasani, who majors in Neuroscience and Behavior and in the Science in Society Program, recently authored two publications.  The first, which he co-edited, is entitled Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: From Molecular Embryology to Tissue Engineering (Humana Press, New York) and features contributions from over 100 experts in the field.

The second publication is an article entitled “Aiding in the evolution of translational medicine: ‘bridging academia and industry’ in the field of neuroscience,” which Raghu published in the August 2010 issue of Frontiers of Neuroscience.


Rich Leuchter is studying at King’s College, London, this semester and sends us these two stereotypically Londonesque photos for posting to the blog.

Here are some more photos from Sam Weiner’s Maasai homestay in Tanzania.

Last weekend, several Wesleyan students, including Raghu Appasani,  Yinka Taiwo-Peters, Tasmiha Khan, Bonnie Quach-Wong, Stephanie Tapia, Lindsey Kenney, Youngbin Lee, and Rajeeta Iyer (all members of the Class of 2012) attended the DoSomething.com Boot Camp for young social entrepreneurs.

The New York Times covered the conference in an article entitled “Young Activists Practices Their Pitches for Nonprofits,” (Nov. 10, 2010). 

Alexandra Newman, who is on study abroad in Budapest, sends these pictures from her travels in Eastern Europe.

The Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic.

View of the Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary.

Entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland

Amy Golembski took this picture at La Spezia in Italy last weekend.

Here are some photos from Rachel Levenson’s recent travels to Uganda and Kenya.

Haley Baron ’12 and Rachel at a mass wedding in Gulu, Uganda.

Nathan Mackenzie ’12 and Rachel at the Kibera School for Girls in Nairobi, Kenya.

Here are some photos from Calvin Goetz, who’s studying in Bologna, Italy, this semester.

A Piazza in Bologna.

A Piazza in Genova.

Cat Gordon is studying in London this semester.  Here are some photos from her travels around Europe.

Island of Santorini, Greece, in October.

Cat Gordon ’12, Hannah Berkman ’12, and Carolyn Mortell ’12 in Amsterdam.  Photo by Audree Anid ’12.

Streets of Amsterdam in October.  Photo by Audree Anid ’12.

Hannah Berkman ’12, Audree Anid ’12 and Cat Gordon ’12 in Paris in September.

Autumn in Dublin, Ireland

Here are some photos of Sam Weiner, who is studying in Tanzania this semester.

Sam with his home stay family.

In front of a Baobab tree.

Nicholas Quah is on study abroad in Denmark and sends these photos from his travels around Europe.

Blokhus, Denmark.  Taken at the northern-most tip of Denmark, following a biking expedition that ended on the beach.

Prizren, Kosovo. Picture taken at a monastery-fort at the top of a very tall hill overlooking the second-largest municipality in Kosovo.

Liberec, Czech Republic.  Taken during a rock-climbing expedition.

Justin Pena is studying abroad in China this semester and sent these photos to post on the blog.

West Lake in Hangzhou


Shangri-La in the province of Yunnan

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