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Tomorrow, May 1 @ 4:15 p.m. in PAC 002, students in the Community Research Seminar (SOC 316) will present the results of their research projects. These presentations are part of the Center for Community Partnership’s First Friday Series. Please join us.

  • Middletown Children’s Mental Health Planning Grant: “Exploring
    Differential Use of Mental Health Services”

    Lauren Barth, Phil Benjamin, Jena Gordon, Lexi Sturdy
    CP: Pam Higgins
  • Even Start Adult Literacy: “Measuring Parental Involvement in Education”
    Katie Hanna, Shayna Bauchner
    CP: Cindy Cappetta
  • Jonah Center for Earth and Art: “Middletown Green Business Initiative”
    Paolo Speirn, Tania Moss, Miller Nuttle
    CP: John Hall
  • Middlesex Coalition for Children: “The Impact of Transitions in the
    HUSKY Program”

    Ari Tolman, Roy Chung, Liana Woskie
    CP: Betsy Morgan

Nicaraguan Sign Language is a relatively new language that emerged a little over 30 years ago. The dramatic story of the birth of this language includes disease, revolution, and the simple desire of children to communicate with each other. Professor Anna Shusterman will talk about the birth of NSL and the rapid change that has taken place in the language over the last few years. Professor Shusterman will also discuss some current research to illustrate what NSL is teaching us about the nature of language, thought, and human communication. Friday, February 6, at 4:30 p.m. at the Center for Community Partnerships, 167 High Street.